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At IV Co., we believe you should have control over your wellness. Our Goal Is to facilitate that with premium ingredients in the most professional & comfortable environment.
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Who We Are

At IV Co., we believe in finding everyone a path to wellness and restoration. Intravenous (IV) therapy is focused on providing an alternative, more efficient method to acquire nutrients our body requires for a variety of reasons. This increasingly popular practice amongst health-conscious individuals is focused on enhancing the quality of life in areas such as athletic recovery and performance management, immune boosting, and nutrient restoration and hydration.

At IV Co., we are a team that is committed to providing the highest quality naturopathic infusion therapy services both onsite and through our mobile therapy option. Whether you are an athlete, frequent traveler, business professional, or just someone focused on their body maintaining optimal performance and preventing fatigue or illness, IV Co. can find the perfect solution tailored to your need every time.

IV Co. is comprised of a team of real people at the direction of Johnathon T. Markus, MD that want to help you find balance, while ensuring a focus on all-natural solutions that achieve your health and wellness goals.


Life’s Fast, Drip Slow

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